ATFX Support & Resistance Indicator

Trade like the experts with ATFX’s Indicator

Get access to our advanced Support & Resistance Indicator that plots levels directly to your ATFX MT4 chart and helps you pinpoint the swings.

Who is it for? And what do you get?

The MT4 indicator and its companying video is great for swing-traders, day traders, those just getting started, and those who struggle to produce good trading results. The system is a trend-following strategy but can also be used to avoid sideways trading markets. By identifying the underlying trend, and trading in that direction, you will always have an edge on the market. Using the support and resistance indicator, and watching the video that explains the logic behind the indicator will give you confidence in identifying better trade setups.

  • 01   A complete short-term trading system ready to be implemented
  • 01   Ease of mind when trading as you get continuous trading support
  • 01   Clear entry and exit levels plotted on your MT4 chart, updated daily
  • 01   A video that explains the system so you don’t have to second guess
  • 01   A full explanation to optimal money management rules

The system is applied to the following markets:

EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USOIL, Gold prices, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE 100, DAX 30, Bitcoin, and Ripple.

This will change the way you trade.

ATFX Support & Resistance Indicator

What problems does it try to solve?

Most people don’t know when to buy or short-sell, and therefore 75% of traders lose money.

The prerequisites to profitable trading are:

  • Knowing when to buy or short-sell
  • Where to place stops orders
  • Where to place take profit orders
  • How much to risk per trade

Some people take courses to learn how to trade. But most of the time, there is no ongoing education, and more importantly, no examples of real-time implementation of the trading strategy.

The lack of ongoing support will usually result in poor trading and failed dreams.

The solution

Our two-hour video course will teach you a complete trading system. The video also covers exact money management rules to minimise risks and maximise profits.

The strategy has been developed by our experienced market strategists and used in various forms for more than ten years.

The ATFX Support and Resistance indicator will solve the problem of ongoing education. It will show you how the trading system is implemented to the live markets so that you don’t need to guess second how to read the markets, or how to implement the strategy. The indicator updates daily.

Markets that the indicator covers




Nasdaq 100
Dow Jones
FTSE 100
DAX 30

What’s the style of the system?

  • Trend following and provides an outlook for the next 24 to 72 hours.
  • Avoids short-term trading and its problems: overtrading, mental fatigue, and random price spikes.
  • Screen time can be limited to 15-minutes a day.
  • Promotes good risk-reward ratios and trend-following.
  • Does not require understanding of macroeconomics.
  • Can be used with very little knowledge of trading.

Markets that the indicator covers

Create an ATFX account

10-day trial with Demo Account or unlimited access with Live Account with a minimum balance of $300.

Download & install

Download the indicator here or in your client portal and install it onto your MT4.

Start using the indicator

Use the indicator and watch our instructional videos for better results.

How to install and use our indicator

The creator and publisher

Alejandro Zambrano

Alejandro Zambrano is the ATFX Global Chief Market Strategist. He commenced trading in 2006 while still a university student. Since then he started to develop a strategy that is today the ATFX Support and Resistance indicator. In 2010, he became a market analyst for the world’s biggest retail Forex broker, and that allowed him to further hone his skills. His next role in 2017 was as the Chief Market Strategist for an established FCA broker, followed by ATFX in 2019.


ATFX is a globally regulated and award-winning online CFD broker with international recognition including “Best News & Analysis Provider“ by Forex Brokers Awards 2020, “Best Online Trading Services” by ADVFN International Financial Awards 2019, “The Best Educational Program” by World Forex Awards 2019, “#1 Best Client Support” by OnlineBroker-Portal Award 2019, “FX Broker of the Year, UK” by The European Business Awards 2018.

ATFX offers over 100 CFD instruments for global investors to trade. By putting the safety of all our global investors’ funds as a top priority and providing an efficient, safe experience of deposits and withdrawals, ATFX has become the preferred brand of many investors.

The team behind the trading system

Start trading with ATFX Support & Resistance Indicator

In order to keep the indicator up and running, you must have an ATFX Demo or Live account.

ATFX Demo Account

  • 01  10-day free trial
  • 01  30-min educational video
  • 01  MT4 indicator
  • 01  Entry levels
  • 01  Stop loss levels
  • 01  Take profit levels
  • 01  Consistent trading
  • 01  Less stress

ATFX Live Account

  • 01  Unlimited access with minimum balance of $300
  • 01  120-min educational videos
  • 01  MT4 indicator
  • 01  Money management system
  • 01  Entry levels
  • 01  Stop loss levels
  • 01  Take profit levels
  • 01  Consistent trading
  • 01  Less stress

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