Demo Trading Account

Your free ATFX demo account is an excellent starting point on your trading journey. For new traders, opening a demo account is the recommended first step before you fully commit to opening a live account.
Operates In Real-Time
Develop, Test & Optimise Trading Strategies
Build Experience & Develop Good Trading Habits
Understand Risk Management Techniques

What is a Demo Trading Account?

A demo trading account is a simulated trading environment. It allows you to become familiar with the online trading process. In your ATFX demo account, you’ll have a $50,000 virtual balance, enabling you to explore and experiment with various trading concepts.

You can trade forexindices and commodities in a safe environment where you’re not committing or risking any real money.

An online demo account helps you navigate the MT4 platform. You will become familiar with analysing price charts, watching markets move, filling in a trade ticket and decision making.

How to Open a Demo Trading Account

Opening a demo trading account is easy, simply provide a few basic details and you’ll be sent login details immediately. You don’t have to provide more information until you’re ready to switch to a live trading account.

How do I use a Trading Simulator Account?

You use a trading simulator account the same way you use a live trading account. A simulator account is an alternative name for a demo account and has identical features to a live environment.

If you’re building a forex trading plan with various strategies in it, then a demo account provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with your trading concepts. Especially before you commit your real money. What it will give you is plenty of practice to find all the features you need to trade.

Demo Trading Account FAQs

As a novice trader you’ll have many queries regarding both the demo account opening and the trading process. We’ve put together a short FAQ section which should answer the most common questions.

You should open a demo trading account as it enables you to:


  • Get to grips with your trading platform
  • Build and practice strategies
  • Grow your confidence

All without risking your real funds.

You can’t withdraw money from a demo account because the funds are virtual. You can switch to a live trading account at any time.

Once you’ve traded on demo, the change to a live account is seamless. You simply click the “Create live account” button and follow the instructions.

Demo trading accounts aren’t real trading accounts. However, ATFX has ensured that your simulation is a similar experience to trading a live account. The obvious difference is that your funds aren’t at risk.


The spreads you’ll see quoted, the speed of execution and the overall trading process is as close to live trading as we can make it. When you’re ready to move up to live trading it’ll be a seamless transition.

You can’t transfer money from demo to a live account because the funds aren’t real. You can’t fund your demo account with your actual funds either.


When you’re ready to start trading with real funds, you’ll need to open a live trading account.

Paper trading is a throwback to when traders would use paper to jot down their hypothetical trading thoughts and ideas. You’ll often see demo accounts described as “paper trading” accounts.


Your ATFX demo account will give you access to multiple financial markets and help you understand how they move.


It goes that one step better than paper trading because you get to practice how to:


  • Navigate the platform
  • Read and analyse price charts
  • Fill in trade tickets correctly
  • Monitor open positions

The Forex demo account you open with ATFX allows you to trade a selection of major and minor forex pairs with virtual funds. You’ll become familiar with the MT4 trading platform and get to grips with the complete process of executing FX trades. Therefore, when you’re ready to open a live account, you’ll be familiar with how to use your MT4 platform and how to use the features in the trading accounts we offer.

A CFD is a contract for difference. In your free CFD demo account, you can speculate on the outcome of the difference between the price when you open the trade, and the price when the transaction is closed. With the CFD trading option, you can trade a wide selection of securities such as equity indices, commodities and FX pairs.

If you’re ready to begin practicing and developing your trading skills, while experimenting with various methods and strategies, then click here to open your free demo account with ATFX today.


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