Gold Trading

ATFX offers gold trading on its online trading platform. You can trade gold with competitive spreads, high-quality trade execution, and 24/5 customer support. ATFX also offers informative market analysis and educational tools to help gold traders make smart decisions to make smart decisions when trading on the platform.

Why trade Gold with ATFX?

A Golden Opportunity
Deep liquidity and high volatility mean positions may be easily opened, and plenty of opportunities about whether gold’s price is rising or falling.
Gold Trading 23/5
The gold trading market is open 23 hours a day, 5 days a week, making online gold trading an attractive market for traders looking for timing flexibility.
Trade Anywhere
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) mobile and tablet trading apps give you the flexibility of taking your gold trading platform with you, no matter where you go around the world. Monitor and trade XAUUSD straight from your mobile or tablet.
Zero Commission

Trade gold with tight competitive spreads – meaning you pay less to open a trade. 

Products of Precious Metals offered by ATFX

Products Product Names
London Gold (spot contract)
London Silver (spot contract)

Why Trade Gold? 5 Reasons To Get Started

1. Gold offers price stability

Gold is a respected symbol of wealth. It is, therefore, a high-demand asset that most commodity investors want to have in their portfolios. For that reason, gold offers price stability. It is more stable than other assets like stocks, physical real estate investments, and currencies.

2. Secure investment

Gold is not always subject to the same risks most other assets are exposed to. For example, gold is less susceptible to inflation or manipulation by central banks the way currencies or treasury bills are. Gold trading is considered a secure investment that will store or gain value over time.

3. Trade XAUUSD without having to physically contact a broker

Online gold trading lets you trade XAUUSD without having to physically contact a gold dealer or broker. It is very convenient to invest in gold through online trading as you can access a gold trading platform from every corner of the world. You can take advantage of price changes as they come.

4. Worthy supplement to trading stocks

Gold offers a worthy addition to stock trading if you want to diversify a portfolio. Trade gold to reduce risk while still giving a great chance to generate profits over time. Gold is a safe-haven investment that reduces the uncertainty you get with stocks during financial turmoil.

5. Gold trading does not need deep financial knowledge

While it is an advantage to be good at interpreting all the fundamentals of commodity markets, online gold trading platforms also give real-time trading aids and analysis. Investors of all levels of experience can participate in online gold trading.

Gold Trading Platform - How to Choose The Right One

1. Choose a regulated broker with low spreads

When selecting a gold trading broker, make sure that they are regulated by a reputable financial body. This keeps them at par with industry standards that include all security measures to safeguard your funds. Furthermore, selecting a low-spread gold broker ensures that you trade gold and keep more of your earnings.

2. Select a broker with a simple trading platform

Select brokers who have a user interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate when you need to execute trades.

3. Asset variety

Even as you trade XAUUSD, select a broker that has a variety of assets listed on the platform. This helps you diversify gold with other assets such as stocks, currencies, and related hard commodities like silver.

4. Trading tools and features

The best gold trading platform is packed with advanced trading tools to ease your charting and technical analysis. Other features may include automated trading and live market analysis to make the right trades.

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Open your account

Complete the Live Trading Account application form. Once we have verified identity, we will set up your account.


Fund your account

Deposit funds from a credit card, E-Wallet or bank transfer to start trading.

Start trading

Trade on every device, including PC, Android, iPad and iPhone or via web browser.

How to Trade Gold (XAUUSD) - 6 Steps

To begin trading gold (XAUUSD) right away, follow these steps.
Choose a broker supporting gold trade
First, begin by choosing a reputable online gold trading broker to be able to trade XAUUSD.
Open a live account
Next, you will have to open a live account with your chosen broker. This will have your personal information and login credentials.
Fund your account
Depending on how much you want to invest, make a deposit to have enough funds to trade. Use bank, credit card, or online wallets.
Download the trading platform
Download the platform that your broker provides and install it on your device. Some reputable gold trading platforms include MT4 and MT5, where you can easily manage trades and follow the markets.
Place your first trade
After funding your account and confirming your balance, you are ready to make your first gold trade. Select the XAUSUSD symbol and specify the trade size and type of trade (buy/sell).
Manage your trade
Adjust your gold trading position as the markets keep moving. Always keep tabs on your profit and loss levels to know how your investment is performing over time.

Gold Trading - 5 Tips to Trade Gold

1. Use technical analysis

Using technical analysis while trading gold helps you identify recurrent price behaviours and identify trading opportunities. You can get technical analysis tools like MAs, Fibonacci levels, and Support Resistance indicators on MetaTrader.

2. Follow economic data

Some economic news releases directly impact the XAUUSD price. Mark your calendar for economic events such as inflation rates and GDP release data. They affect the market’s demand for gold.

3. Define your stop loss and take profit levels

Using the SL (Stop Loss) and TP (Take Profit) levels when you trade XAUUSD keeps your risk within controllable levels. These tools available on your gold trading platform minimise risk while still making sure the profitable trades keep running to reasonable levels.

4. Stay updated with news on your trading platform

You can subscribe to news bulletins on financial markets and geopolitical events to get relevant news first. Gold demand figures and production figures all affect the price of gold. If using MT4, keep checking the news tab to see highly relevant announcements or set alarms.

5. Test new strategies with a demo trading account

You can apply many strategies in online gold trading. However, you must keep improving these strategies with demo trading before applying them to live gold trading accounts. Use tools like MT4’s strategy tester before risking real money.

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Open your account

Complete the Live Trading Account application form. Once we have verified identity, we will set up your account.


Fund your account

Deposit funds from a credit card, E-Wallet or bank transfer to start trading.

Start trading

Trade on every device, including PC, Android, iPad and iPhone or via web browser.


Trading physical gold can be lucrative, but it also has plenty of red tape and costs. Thankfully, electronic trading has recently been simplified and made gold trading more affordable and convenient. You can trade gold by signing up with a reputable gold trading platform like ATFX.

You can trade XAUUSD at ATFX, a reputable, transparent, and licensed platform that offers very convenient access to the gold markets. Some of the benefits you can expect include a user-friendly atmosphere for gold trading, with plenty of educational tools and advisors from a qualified team. The platform provides a sure way to start trading gold with minimal entry procedures alongside competitive commissions and spreads.


Disadvantages of trading gold Advantages of trading gold
  • Gold does not generate interest income or dividends.
  • Trading gold offers excellent diversification as it does not overly depend on a single currency pair.
  • Gold diversifies portfolios, but it is hard to diversify gold itself.
  • Gold is a safe haven, as it holds its value even during uncertain economic conditions.
  • Gold prices are heavily dependent on geopolitical events.
  • Trading gold pairs makes it more accessible to market players as there are minimal barriers to entry.
  • Gold can attract high transaction costs if you cannot find a low-spread online trading platform.
  • Gold does not have an unlimited supply. A constant sense of scarcity drives up demand.
  • Gold is still highly volatile, and difficult to predict the price movement over a specified period.
  • Gold pairs increase liquidity because they are traded more in comparison to other alternative commodities.
  • The Gold volatility is an excellent chance to benefit from price fluctuations and FX rate changes.


1.    Look for a regulated and licensed broker

Only consider gold trading on websites that are regulated and licensed by a trusted financial authority.


2.    Check requirements

Confirm that you meet the broker’s minimum deposit requirements and region-specific requirements.


3.    Choose and download the gold trading platform

Your broker should provide a list where you can choose a gold trading platform of your choice. You can download an installer package for MT4/5 and install it on your machine. Note that there is a separate installer depending on your device (Windows, iOS, and Android).


4.    Provide personal identifying info

The personal identifying information you will need to provide includes your name, date of birth, and contact details. To prove that these fields have trustworthy information, you may be asked to provide a copy of your ID and a document to prove your address.


5.    Verify your account

You must have a verified account to trade gold. The broker will send a verification notification and login details via email once they are satisfied that you have opened an account with verifiable identity details.

Gold is traded in pairs on a gold trading platform. Begin by adding the XAUUSD pair to your list of tradable instruments by selecting it among the symbols. Next, analyse the market behaviour in recent times and identify crucial support or resistance levels (highs and lows). Apply any technical indicators provided in your platform to make the gold trading process easier.  


Use market orders to enter or exit trades after developing a sense of the market’s trend direction and picking out a trading opportunity. You can also trade XAUUSD by placing pending entries and exit trades at specified levels.


Trading gold with leverage bears an element of risk even though it can magnify your profits. You should use reasonable leverage ratios and apply other risk management tools like stop losses and take profit orders to manage your trades.


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