MT4 Demo Account

What is a Metatrader 4 Demo Account?

An MT4 demo account is like using a virtual flight simulator before you get behind the controls of an aeroplane. It helps you find everything, try new techniques and ensure you’re confident before you take off.

Test your trading strategy, test your Expert Advisor (EA), familiarise yourself with the platform, all in the comfort of having no money at risk.

Simply put, a MetaTrader 4 demo account simulates live trading conditions on the MT4 platform but with no money at stake.

The risk-free demo account comes complete with many of the features you get in the MT4 live account; there’s a library of indicators (mathematical tools to analyse the price), and despite the funds being virtual, you’re trading in a live environment.

MT4 demo accounts are free to open, and you can start practising no-risk trades immediately in a live environment.

The best part? You don’t have to place funds in the MT4 Demo; you use up to $50,000 of virtual funds to experiment.

An MT4 demo account is a great place to:

  1. Learn how to use the platform
  2. Learn the basics of trading
  3. Test new strategies

It suits both new and experienced traders for these reasons and is why it’s the most popular trading platform on the planet.

Features of an MT4 Demo Account

  • Access $50,000 of virtual funds to experiment and get comfortable with the platform and the markets.
  • MT4 demo is available on desktop, tablet or mobile as well as Windows, iOS and Android devices.
  • Trading in a live environment that delivers live market prices.
  • Experiment with automatic trading strategies (Expert Advisors).
  • Use free MT4 indicators, tools and add-ons, just like a live account.
  • Get familiar with technical analysis before you open a live account.

Why Open An MT4 Demo Account With ATFX?

Opening an MT4 demo account with ATFX gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll be trading with an online forex broker who’s won more than 35 awards over the past three years, and you’ll gain access to the most popular and successful trading platform the trading community has ever used.

You can use your Metatrader 4 demo account until you’re confident that you’re familiar with us and MT4. We only provide the one platform for our clients to trade on for a reason, because it’s the best.

MT4 is suitable for novice traders who are beginning their trading journey. It’s also widely used by experts because of its flexibility, precision, speed and cutting edge features.

So as you evolve as a trader and eventually move off the demo account, you can be confident that the skills you develop will carry forward to every trade you ever make.

What Is The Difference Between an MT4 Demo Account and an MT4 Live Account?

  • Trades on MT4 demo are not real. No money is at risk, you’re trading with virtual funds.
  • Demo trades aren’t adjusted by dividend adjustments, but rollover charges (swaps) will be the same as a live account.
  • Slippage caused by out-of-hours or volatile price movements aren’t applied on demo accounts.
  • Leverage restrictions will be the same as a live account.
  • Trades won’t get refused due to size (leverage) or price. But if you have insufficient funds trades will be rejected just like trading a live account.
  • Chart packages on the MT4 demo account are free.
  • Trades will be closed on demo, if your virtual funds don’t cover the required margin level.

MT4 Demo accounts are the best way to test the platform before you use real money. It’s a gamified version of real-world trading and you have nothing to lose. Literally.

There are millions of traders in the MT4 community who use this platform every day.

Experience the ATFX difference. We’re a forex and CFD broker that puts service at the heart of our service-driven proposition.

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