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Trade CFDs on a wide range of forex pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD on an award winning MT4 platform.

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Competitive Spreads

Enjoy competitive spreads on EURUSD and GBPUSD.

24/5 Forex Trading

24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Flexible Long/Short trading.

Trade 40+ Currency Pairs

We enable our traders to implement their own trading strategies based on 44 forex trading currency pairs, with localised expert support available 24/5.

Zero Commission

Tight, competitive spreads – meaning you pay less to open a position.

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Why Trade Forex with ATFX?

Trading forex with ATFX is easy and convenient. Trade anywhere from your mobile, tablet or desktop device, effortlessly managing your account and trading online.
Take advantage of ATFX’s competitive spreads across all its FX/CFD  products. Practise trading across various instruments including FX, Indices, Commodities and Metals, without taking any risks. The ATFX demo account is completely free and no deposit is required.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is exchanging one currency pair for another to grow your capital. Each transaction works by simultaneously selling one currency to buy another or vice versa. Forex investment opportunities exist because currencies constantly fluctuate due to their changing demand and supply. Most of the trading activity happening on the forex market is by institutional participants like banks or funds.


Many investors trade forex only to make speculative gains, not necessarily physical ownership of the preferred currencies. For example, you can buy U.S. dollars if you believe the U.S. dollar will strengthen against other currencies. All the trading is done over the counter, meaning there is no physical exchange like in other markets.

Forex Trading Platform

Every trader needs a convenient means to access the market. A forex trading platform is an accepted software interface that lets traders access all the tools needed for order placement. You use these software platforms to execute all the buy or sell orders when you trade forex. Forex brokers provide their clients with a wide selection of automated order-processing solutions. The platforms are also customised to the client’s needs because individual clients may have varying market-monitoring styles and preferences.

The most popular forex trading platform is MetaTrader 4(MT4), a favourite among many because they offer impressive ways to customise, extend or add new scripts. Their ability to have custom scripts makes it easy to practice automated trading. Forex trading can be done with algorithms that process trades if they meet certain rules within a given framework.

Individual traders can look at functionality and ease of use when choosing which platform to install. With that approach, you may choose between a web-based platform or downloading the software package before installing it on your computer.

Forex Demo Account

To learn how to trade the markets, new traders must practice before investing real money. Using a forex demo account lets anyone trade with real-world prizes but without using real money. Such accounts are a good way to understand how to read charts and experiment with different trading strategies. As a result, brokers provide demo accounts for free. The good thing about demo trading is that you can use all the same tools and mechanics you will still encounter while trading with a real account.

To be on the right track, brokers recommend that beginners use demo trading until they are confident that they have developed a profitable system of placing trades. A first-time trader should not use real money to make their first trades or try a new trading system. Even very experienced traders use dummy accounts to experiment with a new strategy or improve on an existing one. They shift their activities to a live forex trading account only when certain.


Live Forex Trading Account

The spreads you pay are very competitive. There’s no commission and no hidden charges. You’ll execute your trades through the MT4 trading platform, which is regarded as one of the best trading platforms on the market.

You experience STP access when trading forex online via the MT4 platform and your ATFX live forex trading account. This straight-through processing ensures latency is kept low. Your trades are cleanly routed directly to the market as soon as possible without any broker interference.

Our ATFX account is suitable for all levels. Your experience doesn’t matter because the account, combined with MT4, can be as simple or sophisticated as you need it to be. Open live forex trading account now !

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The average daily turnover of the forex trading market is up to 5 trillion USD, several times more than any stock market in the world. The high volatility makes FX one of the most exciting markets for traders.


The forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It starts with the New Zealand opening, followed by Australia, Tokyo, and London, and finally closing in New York. Forex (FX) means the exchange of one currency for another. There are always investment opportunities in the FX market, if the investor is optimistic about the trend of a particular currency, they may go short/sell or go long/buy it. Each investor needs a forex trading platform to access the markets to trade forex.


Forex prices fluctuate constantly, this can be due to several scenarios, including political turbulence, interest rates being increased/decreased, stock market movement, economic environments, military affairs, and many other factors.


Participants in the forex market include commercial institutions, investment banks, hedge funds, governments, issuers of banknotes, transnational organisations, and private investors from many different countries. The high liquidity these participants generate (the amount of money available to buy or sell) provides a steady flow of forex investment opportunities.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the forex market through demo trading, the next step of your journey begins when you open a profile account with a trustworthy broker. You can complete a profile at this stage so your broker can identify you. The profile opening process requires your name and login information, such as email and phone contacts.


For most brokers, there are clear menus to let you download the required forex trading platform to install on your trading station. You could however, choose to use the browser version of your broker’s trading portal. A browser-based portal is convenient for traders who want to access one trading account on more than one device.


Next up, ensure that your account is completely verified before you fund the account. Always confirm whether you are using a demo account or a live trading account every time you want to trade forex. You can then refer to the same strategies you perfected in demo trading to identify opportunities for your first trade. Once you place your first few trades, stay calm and adjust your positions according to how the market environment behaves.

To become a good forex trader, you first must master what currencies to trade and when to trade them. This requires consistency in training through a demo account. During demo trading, learn the important aspects of forex trading, such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and money management.


Fundamental analysis lets you understand how currency pairs react to certain news events and announcements. In other words, you become a better forex trader if you know whether some news is good or bad for the currencies you want to trade. Technical analysis, on the other hand, lets you identify certain patterns and trends whenever you use your forex trading platform.


You must have the right money management routines to be among the best. You have to protect your trading account by committing manageable lot trade sizes. Never get too confident when you have a good run of profits or too scared when a few trades go against your predictions. You can always go back to your demo account to polish your strategy even as you continue to operate a different account to trade forex.

There is a misconception that forex is an easy way to make overnight riches. The truth is that you will only make money on some trades. You can succeed in forex trading only if you have the discipline to stick to a working strategy. Poor money management is where most people struggle in their forex trading careers.


Furthermore, it is not wise to measure success in forex according to how much you can earn in one trade. A longer-term perspective helps as you trade forex for small, consistent profits instead of making poor decisions while chasing one or two golden chances.


Unless you are a trading genius, getting rich by forex trading is like winning a lottery. You can grow your wealth steadily if you invest in the right training tools, commit enough time, and master the psychological implications. Some new traders quit too early simply because they needed to accept that there are winning days while some go wrong. To be on the right side, you aim to make money on forex by targeting small but consistent gains with modest risk exposure.

Currencies are typically exchanged in the foreign exchange market. The forex market is a global exchange that remains open 24 hours daily, from Monday to Friday. Because it is not a physical exchange market, all the trading activity occurs over the counter (OTC). It is the biggest financial market in the world, making it attractive for investors who want its liquidity.


Forex investment draws the interest of speculators and people who want to hedge their wealth against certain economic events that make currencies fluctuate. Like stock traders, forex traders pick opportunities by buying currencies they think will appreciate in value. Conversely, a currency pair will also draw much attention if it consistently keeps losing value.


All the price movement on the forex market is driven by demand and supply forces, meaning the quotes are not set by a central exchange somewhere.

A pip (percentage in point) is the smallest whole unit of price measurement for an exchange rate quote. It also measures the movement between the bid and the asking price. One pip is the same as a hundredth of a percent or 0.0001. When you trade forex, the price movement for most currency pairs is quoted up to four decimal places. For example, if the price of the GBPUSD moves from 1.1655 to 1.16556, it is said to have gained 1 pip. However, prices of pairs using the Japanese Yen are often quoted to two decimal places.


Base CurrencyCounter Currency
Bid PriceGBPUSDAsk Price
Spread = 1.1655 – 1.1657 = 2 pips


Therefore, pips are a way to measure price movement down to four decimal places to determine whether you are moving towards a profit or loss and by how much difference.

Pips are also a good measure of distance to a price target. You can use a fixed number of pips to set an exit price or a stop-loss every time you open a new trade. Pips play an important role in risk management during forex trading as a price movement measurement.


The value of a pip (pip value) is done by multiplying one pip (0.0001) by the standard lot size. One standard lot size is 100,000 units of the base currency.


The pip value = (0.0001 x traded amount) / spot price


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