iFX EXPO International 2022: Exclusive Interview with ATFX Chairman Joe Li

The iFX EXPO International 2022 took place earlier this month in Limassol, Cyprus. More than 40,000 participants have attended the event to engage with fellow C-level executives and further grow their businesses.

Opportunity is the keyword here, but Joe Li, Chairman of global brokerage firm ATFX, would likely add that it is not enough to identify opportunities. It requires skill and knowledge to grab them.

ATFX is clearly a winner in that department. The CFD brokerage offering forex, equity indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities and shares, has been quickly expanding its footprint, catering to both retail and institutional clients, with 14 offices spread across the UK, MENA, LATAM, and Southeast Asia.

In 2019, the company launched ATFX Connect in order to provide its expertise, Prime of Prime service, tailored liquidity, agency and margin accounts to other brokers.

ATFX Connect is partnered with some of the most trusted names within the industry, including oneZero, Centroid Solutions, PrimeXM, Kooltra, Celer, and Pelican.

Finance Feeds Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Isayev spoke with ATFX Chairman Joe Li to learn more about the broker’s vision, roadmap, the institutional offering, and how to navigate current events.

ATFX Helps Traders Grab Opportunities Arising From Geopolitical Tensions

As Joe Li explained, ATFX has been around for six years already, having become a household name in a lot of countries it operates. This level of experience has allowed the brokerage to expand from a retail broker to a global brand with an institutional arm which, he reminded, is more complicated than retail FX.

After years of expansion in the retail space, ATFX wants to do both and achieve the same level of success, not limited to the FX industry“, he said.

So, how can brokers make the most out of the ATFX Connect offering?“, Nikolai asked. An easy question, as Joe Li quickly pointed to the Ukraine-Russia war as the conflict has reduced risk appetite among institutional participants, which leads to thin liquidity in the markets. ATFX Connect is there to ensure customers have depth of liquidity to ride the volatile markets with best execution.

Volatility is one thing, but how to benefit from it is another thing”, Joe Li added as he pointed out the wealth of educational material, courses, and tools available to clients so they can make the right decisions.

COVID-19 and the geopolitical tensions are “definitely an opportunity” for traders, but Joe Li insisted that “how to grab” the opportunity is a whole different game and that’s why traders should use a broker they trust and provide them with knowledge, liquidity, and quality execution.

It takes much industry experience to know that customers in different regions tend to respond to different products and services. That’s why the broker has local teams on the ground in order to better serve each market with a curated offering.

ATFX has found much success in China by offering a comprehensive suite of IB products, while Southeast Asia customers have been using the broker’s copy trading platform, as well as comprehensive offline educational seminars. Traders in the Middle East respond better to AT Premier, a one-stop-shop of news feeds, economic calendar, indicators, and trading signals.

Such different solutions should help customers take advantage of the market opportunity that is only likely to increase as economic fluctuation and tensions go higher in the coming months“, he said.

The local ATFX teams across the globe host monthly face-to-face events with its customers to “break the ice” so that they “get a taste of our professionalism”. “That’s key for a long-term relationship”, he said.

Before ending the interview, Joe Li told Nikolai Isayev that ATFX has plans to launch its very own NFT, but the broker is still working on it. Finance Feeds will be ready to cover the launch.

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