ATFX Presents Eason Chan’s ‘FEAR AND DREAMS’ World Tour Concert in Malaysia!

20 Jun 2023, Updated – 14:02 pm

The Eason Chan “FEAR AND DREAMS” World Tour Concert in Malaysia, held on May 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2023, has come to a successful end. ATFX presented this concert and witnessed alongside the fans the extraordinary performances delivered by the legendary Eason Chan.


ATFX prepared a variety of exciting activities for the attending fans and clients on the day of the concert. These activities included the Buzz Wire Game, Car Racing Simulator, and Golf Simulator. The selection and arrangement of these games show a demonstration of ATFX collaborations in various fields over the past few years and showcased the brand’s sincere commitment to partnerships.

ATFX chose to present Eason Chan’s “FEAR AND DREAMS” World Tour Concert in Malaysia for several reasons. Firstly, the concert itself has a tremendous appeal, and by combining finance with music, ATFX aims to provide a boost to the brand’s development in Malaysia. Secondly, through diverse sponsorships, the brand aims to promote a deeper understanding of its core operations among a wider audience.

In the future, ATFX will continue to collaborate with top personalities, businesses, and brands from various fields. By integrating modern technology, world-class products and services, and ongoing investor education, we aim to bring innovative roles to support our clients. On this foundation of our vision, we will remain committed to our original intentions and continue to provide excellent platform services.


20 Apr 2023, Posted – 17:00pm

From Depression to Lonely Warrior, Eason Chan always delivers his fans a unique voice with charming music. His straightforward and elfish character is what sets him apart within the music circles of Hong Kong, China, and across the world.

The excellent songs he sings are often spoken of with relish, and his husky voice is adored by fans worldwide. With the gradual opening of international borders, Eason Chan’s voice has since been reverberating between major music halls continuously from last year.

In 2023, Eason Chan’s Fear and Dreams World Tour has confirmed Malaysia to be one of the stops for the concert alongside other regions.

ATFX Presents Eason Chan Live In KL 2023

As a prime sponsor of the concert, ATFX and fans will experience Eason Chan’s Fear and Dreams through his world tour that’s attracting worldwide attention. It was reported all public sale tickets for the Fear and Dreams World Tour in Malaysia were sold out after two hours of sale on 6th March 2023, proving how excited fans are for the upcoming world tour.

The long awaited Eason Chan’s World Tour has been officially announced. Fear and Dreams World Tour in Malaysia will be held at Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur on the 12th, 13th and 14th of May 2023.

Eason Chan chose the Fear and Dreams theme three years ago. He said that it differs from person to person and is best understood and interpreted after experiencing it. The inaugural Fear and Dreams concert started at the Hong Kong Coliseum in December 2022. Originally, 18 selected dates were scheduled to celebrate the New Year, which quickly increased to total of 27 shows due to large amounts of fans’ request. This time, the three-night concert will be held in Malaysia to satisfy fans’ cravings.

ATFX Receives Recognition From Increased Influence

In recent years, as a world-leading CFD broker, ATFX has been dedicated to providing an excellent trading environment and the best trading experience for investors and always adheres to a “client-centric” service philosophy. Following established strategic planning, ATFX keeps up with the times, adapts to market development needs, and develops into a world-famous fintech brand. Whether for products, services and user experience or innovation in the platform, intelligent technology, awards and honours and fields such as charity, ATFX is always at the forefront of the industry.

ATFX Plans For The Future

This time, ATFX can sponsor the famous singer Eason Chan’s concert in Malaysia, aiming to enhance brand reputation and exposure through Eason Chan’s significant influence worldwide. From Eason Chan’s Fear and Dreams world tour in Hong Kong, the concert is shown perfectly in four major parts, each filled with surprises and unique highlights, along with Eason’s high-level stage performance and extraordinary quality visual images creating a world-class concert for fans on-site.

As ATFX is an important sponsor, the brand logo will also take turns appearing at the concert, which we believe will bring a new wave of ‘financial music’ to the brand. Details of the sponsorship show ATFX has made enough effort. One is a leading brand in CFD and fintech, and the other is a king in the pop music circle. The potent combination will achieve a powerful effect. As an excellent player in the industry, we are clear that music is a part of human culture. The sponsorship for Eason Chan’s World Tour in Malaysia will also facilitate the fusion of different musical cultures and resonate with other people.

With May just around the corner, we vigorously embrace innovative technology while waiting for Eason Chan’s World Tour in Malaysia. During this period, ATFX will continue to innovate in financial technology and environment, thus promoting apparent changes in the industrial pattern of CFD in the coming years and enabling financial service functions to gradually bond to the daily life of investors and expand to a broader range. New technology is applied to serve investors’ diversified and rapidly changing needs. Meanwhile, ATFX will also enjoy the most beautiful songs in the world with global fans in May.

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