Nick Twidale joins ATFX as Chief Market Analyst 

ATFX, a leading global online trading broker, is pleased to announce that Nick Twidale has joined the company as Chief Market Analyst for the Australia region. With over two decades of experience in banking and broking, Nick brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his new role.

Nick is a highly recognisable figure in the financial services industry. As the previous APAC CEO for FP Markets, GM for IC Markets and Chief Operating Officer at Rakuten Securities Australia and he solidified his reputation as a Forex Trading and broking industry expert.

In addition to his extensive professional experience in the broking space, Nick brings a unique ‘trader eye perspective’ to his insights and commentary honed during his previous 12+ years working on bank FX trading desks. These insights and expertise have gained him significant media exposure across multiple channels over the years, making him an ideal fit to bring the ATFX brand to the Australian region and beyond. At ATFX, Nick will cover market updates and provide commentary through articles and videos from the AEST time zone, enabling traders to make informed decisions from both a fundamental and technical perspective. This exciting addition to the ATFX market analysts team will undoubtedly enhance the platform’s market analysis capabilities, ensuring users’ well-rounded and comprehensive trading experience.

Country Head for ATFX in Australia, Simon Naish said

 “ I am delighted to welcome Nick to ATFX. His proven track record in producing quality market commentary and analysis can only enhance our global offering, and his appointment marks another significant milestone in our commitment to the region.”

ATFX_20240422_AllAnalyst_comapnynews_a_thumbnail_2560x1440(ATFX Market Analyst Team)

The strategic hire of Nick for the APAC region reflects ATFX’s commitment to providing the highest level of expertise and support to its clients. The team of 13 experienced analysts in ATFX, including Gonzalo Canete (Global Chief Market Strategist, ATFX UK), Martin Lam (Chief Market Analyst, ATFX Southeast Asia), and Gabi Dahduh (Senior Market Analyst, ATFX MENA), totally cover the Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York trading sessions. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, equipping traders with the cutting-edge tools and insights they need to make wise trading decisions. This new addition is a testament to ATFX’s dedication to empowering traders and ensuring their success in the dynamic world of trading.

ATFX focuses on delivering world-class customized service to clients, combined with detailed trader education programs and tools. In 2021, ATFX established AT Premier as a premium market research portal for its Middle Eastern clientele that offers top-tier research from major investment banks and prominent market research firms, among other sources. In 2022, to keep its leading competitive edge, ATFX stepped ahead with FinTech, which includes Big Data, Blockchain, and AI. The accurate raw data provision by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the key to success in FinTech. With its huge structured data, the algorithm analyses clients’ trading histories and behaviours and predicts the highest possible outcomes through Big Data modelling and analytic tools. Due to the above, ATFX has distinguished itself in recent years.

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