ATFX Welcomes Graham Morris as the New Head of Compliance for Australia 

ATFX recently announced that Graham Morris has been appointed as Head of Compliance for ATFX’s operations in Australia. Graham is set to bring a vast reservoir of compliance expertise and industry knowledge to the firm, which will be instrumental in enhancing ATFX’s regulatory frameworks and overseeing compliance matters within the Australian financial market.

Graham comes to ATFX with an impressive professional background, having previously served in key compliance roles for notable financial companies. His tenure includes significant achievements such as successfully launching corporate entities in the British Virgin Islands and delivering exceptional services to clients within emerging markets. Throughout his career, Graham has demonstrated an exceptional ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and build strong professional relationships with both regulatory authorities and clients alike.

In his new role at ATFX, Graham is tasked with spearheading the development of comprehensive compliance plans that are congruent with local office regulations, ensuring adherence to the stringent regulatory requirements in Australia. He will also oversee control of business segment compliance and internal processes while crafting strategic orientations aimed at new client acquisitions.

Expressing enthusiasm about joining ATFX’s Australian team at a period marked by remarkable growth for the company, Graham remarked:

“ATFX’s esteemed reputation precedes it within the industry, and it is a privilege to join this vibrant team. My vision for our Australian operations includes leveraging my extensive experience to elevate service experiences across the company.”

Warmly welcoming Graham Morris’s appointment is ATFX itself, which regards his depth of knowledge in financial market trading and global capital market regulations as invaluable contributions that will fortify the brand’s development trajectory in Australia. Adding Graham to Simon Naish’s leadership—the group head in Australia—signifies yet another strategic move by ATFX to ensure its team is composed of top-tier professionals capable of delivering unparalleled services locally.

Graham’s appointment demonstrates ATFX’s continuous commitment to recruiting elite talent and expanding its global presence. It accompanies other recent high-profile appointments such as FX Pioneer Drew Niv as Chief Strategic Officer for ATFX Global, Linton White as Regional Head for ATFX Africa, Hormoz Faryar as Managing Director of Institutional Sales, and Aditya Singh as Business Development Director International at ATFX MENA.

ATFX is resolute in actively recruiting high-end talent and investing capital into technology enhancements, refined marketing systems, and robust infrastructural developments. These strategic initiatives are geared toward strengthening market competitiveness and reinforcing its mission to provide world-class trading experiences emblematic of a worldwide leader in online financial trading services.

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