An Interview With Ahmad Al Disi, Managing Director of ATFX Levant

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Levant, corresponding to Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and certain adjacent areas, consists of more than 44 million population. Today let’s have an interview with Ahmad Al Disi, the Managing Director of ATFX Levant, for a full picture of the team and its operation.

Ahmad Al Disi
Managing Director, ATFX Levant


Hi Ahmad, thanks for joining us today. In June 2022, ATFX announced its entry into the LEVANT region by partnering with Amman-based investment firm Emerging Markets in Jordan. The collaboration marks a significant milestone as ATFX is the only Global broker who is present in the LEVANT region. What were the main challenges ATFX Levant faced in the past two years, and how were they overcome?

Ahmad Al Disi:

ATFX faced some significant challenges in entering and establishing itself in the LEVANT region

  1. Regulatory Changes: The regulatory environment in the FX industry underwent a major overhaul in 2017 with the Jordan Securities Commission Authority implementing stricter rules and regulations. This shift likely presented challenges for ATFX, especially as they were entering a market that was previously unregulated. To overcome this, ATFX adapted quickly to comply with the new regulations, as it operates globally and have well-respected licenses from around the globe, which made the regulators happy to work with a global company and not a regional company that is sub-branching.
  2. Competitive Landscape: Being a late entrant to the market (starting 5 years after competitors), ATFX faced strong competition from existing players who had already established their presence in the region. Overcoming this challenge involved strategic positioning, offering unique value propositions, and building strong partnerships, as seen with their collaboration with Emerging Markets.
  3. Establishing Trust and Credibility: As a relatively new player in a market with established competitors, building trust and credibility have been crucial. This has been achieved through transparent practices, superior customer service, and demonstrating commitment to compliance and regulatory standards.
  4. Cultural and Operational Adaptation: Entering a new market often requires understanding and adapting to local culture, business practices, and customer preferences. ATFX invested in local talent, language capabilities, and customized services to effectively serve the LEVANT region.
  5. Infrastructure and Network Development: Setting up regional offices and expanding operations to service the LEVANT region required substantial investments in infrastructure, technology, and network development. Overcoming logistical challenges and ensuring seamless operations have been key to our success.
How does ATFX Levant establish its unique position within the competitive landscape of its regional market, and what strategies or characteristics does it employ to set itself apart from other firms operating in a similar space?

Ahmad Al Disi:Experienced and Diverse Team: ATFX Levant’s success can be attributed to its well-experienced team. Having a team with deep industry knowledge and understanding of the local market dynamics allows ATFX to tailor its services effectively. This expertise contributes to building trust and credibility among clients, setting them apart from firms with less experienced teams.


Transparent Business Practices: ATFX LEVANT prioritizes transparency in pricing, policies, and operations, establishing a positive reputation and building trust—a crucial factor in an industry reliant on client confidence.

Customized Services: ATFX offers personalized solutions, including localized support and language capabilities, addressing the unique needs of clients in the LEVANT region.


Technology and Innovation: ATFX emphasizes advanced technology and innovative trading platforms, attracting tech-savvy traders and positioning itself as a leader in fintech adoption.

Could you elaborate on the new initiatives or projects that ATFX Levant has planned for the upcoming year?

Ahmad Al Disi:

ATFX Levant has ambitious plans for the upcoming year, focusing on strategic initiatives and expansions:

Expansion into Iraq with Ashur Bank Partnership: Through its partnership with Ashur Bank, ATFX secured central bank approval to offer its services in Iraq. This initiative marks a significant milestone as ATFX will establish a local presence in Iraq, becoming one of the first brokers to receive such approval. This expansion into Iraq underscores ATFX’s commitment to reaching new markets and catering to a broader client base.

Expansion into Lebanon: ATFX Levant is also planning to expand its operations into Lebanon. This move signifies a strategic expansion into another key market within the LEVANT region. By establishing a physical presence in Lebanon, ATFX aims to strengthen its regional footprint and further enhance its service offerings to clients in the area.


These initiatives highlight ATFX Levant’s aggressive growth strategy, positioning it as one of the fastest-growing brokers in terms of physical presence, number of clients, trading volumes and market penetration in the LEVANT region. By expanding into Iraq and Lebanon, ATFX is poised to capture new opportunities and strengthen its position as a leading brokerage firm in the LEVANT REGION.

In your opinion, what are the key trends shaping the financial services industry in the Levant region?

Ahmad Al Disi:

Technological Innovation: ATFX leverages technological innovation to enhance its trading platform and customer experience. Fintech solutions play a critical role in transforming FX trading practices, enabling faster and more secure transactions, advanced charting tools, and algorithmic trading capabilities. ATFX’s adoption of cutting-edge technology ensures it remains competitive and meets the evolving needs of traders in the Levant and beyond, providing them with efficient and user-friendly trading tools.

Finance-Department-scaledMohammed Abu Jamous
Finance Manager | ATFX LEVANT

Shift towards Digital Banking and Payments: The trend towards digital banking and payments directly impacts ATFX’s business model. As consumers in the Levant region increasingly rely on online platforms for financial transactions, ATFX provides a seamless digital trading experience. Traders can access the FX market conveniently through ATFX’s online platform or mobile app, benefiting from real-time market data and execution of trades from anywhere with internet access. Additionally, ATFX offers digital Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and innovative solutions such as ATFX cards by Mastercard. These cards enable clients to deposit and withdraw funds instantly and around the clock, while also allowing them to spend money or use ATMs conveniently. This integrated approach to digital banking and payments enhances the overall client experience and accessibility of financial services provided by ATFX.

By embracing these trends and incorporating innovative solutions into its operations, ATFX remains at the forefront of the FX trading industry in the Levant region, delivering value-added services that cater to the evolving preferences of modern traders while adhering to regulatory standards and leveraging technological advancements.

How do you maintain a productive corporate culture within ATFX Levant, and how has it evolved since you became the Managing Director of ATFX Levant?

Ahmad Al Disi:

Investing in Human Capital: A productive corporate culture begins with investing in the development and well-being of employees. At ATFX Levant, we prioritize continuous training, career development opportunities, and employee engagement initiatives. By empowering our team with the necessary skills and resources, we foster a culture of growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Operation-Department_2-scaledMohammad Snobar
Operations Manager | ATFX LEVANT

Enhancing Corporate Governance: Strong corporate governance is fundamental to maintaining transparency, accountability, and ethical standards within ATFX Levant. As the Managing Director, I ensure that robust governance frameworks are in place, promoting integrity and adherence to regulatory requirements. This strengthens trust among stakeholders and reinforces our commitment to responsible business practices.

Fostering a Positive Corporate Environment: We place great emphasis on cultivating a positive and inclusive corporate environment at ATFX Levant. This involves promoting open communication, mutual respect, and teamwork. By fostering a supportive atmosphere where diverse perspectives are valued, we enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Business Continuity Planning: Developing comprehensive business continuity plans is essential for long-term success and resilience. We prioritize both short-term and long-term planning to adapt to market changes, mitigate risks, and ensure operational continuity. This proactive approach enables us to navigate uncertainties effectively and maintain stability in our operations.

Adapting to Market Dynamics: The financial industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. As Managing Director, I lead ATFX Levant in adapting swiftly to market changes. We remain agile and responsive, leveraging market insights to innovate our services and stay ahead of competitors. Embracing flexibility and continuous improvement is integral to our corporate culture.


Since becoming Managing Director of ATFX Levant, I have overseen the evolution of our corporate culture by reinforcing these pillars. By investing in our human capital, enhancing governance practices, fostering a positive environment, prioritizing business continuity, and adapting to market dynamics, we have cultivated a culture of resilience, innovation, and excellence at ATFX Levant. This collective effort has contributed to our growth and success in the competitive financial services sector.

What advice would you give to young professionals aspiring to pursue a career in financial services, particularly in leadership roles?

Ahmad Al Disi:

To young professionals aspiring to pursue leadership roles in financial services, my advice is to prioritize continuous learning and skill development. The industry is fast-paced and evolving, so staying updated on trends, regulations, and technologies is crucial. Gain foundational experience in various finance areas to build a strong knowledge base. Seek mentorship and networking opportunities to learn from experienced professionals and expand your connections. Develop strong communication and interpersonal skills, as effective leadership hinges on clear communication and relationship-building. Embrace challenges, take initiative, and demonstrate integrity in all your interactions. Stay adaptable and resilient in the face of market changes and setbacks. Set clear career goals, actively pursue opportunities aligned with your aspirations, and take ownership of your professional development. By following these principles, young professionals can prepare themselves for leadership roles and navigate the complexities of the financial services industry with confidence and success.

Trading in the lever involves a high degree of risk, can lead to large losses and may not be suitable for all investors. Please make sure you have a full understanding of the nature of currency and trading, and whether you can afford losses and risks we advise seeking independent advice before investing. ATFX. The trademark (AT Global Markets INTL LTD) is a global company licensed by the Mauritius Financial Services Authority license no. C118023331. ATFX offers its financial services in the Kingdom of Hashemia Jordan through the Emerging Markets Company and licensed by the Jordan Securities Authority as a company identification broker, license number 643.

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