ATFX TeamUp – New Social Trading App (Latin-America)


ATFX Launches Brand New Social Trading App in the LATAM region – ATFX TeamUp 
Fully customisable social trading app that lets clients chat, learn, and copy.

LATAM, March 24, 2021 — ATFX have just launched their brand new social trading application called ATFX TeamUp in the LATAM market. The app is designed to benefit all the broker’s clients regardless of their trading abilities. 

While the new app has a vast amount of benefits, the underlying key to its success is that it promotes a success cycle for all traders. 

Beginners can automatically copy professional traders’ trades with a proven track record of success via their ATFX accounts. Experienced traders get to earn extra income from the copy trading programme. 



Learn from the Best

The app also acts as a real-time educational tool for new traders who can watch experienced traders take live trades, by watching how the experts’ trade, new traders can reverse engineer the reasons behind each trade and try to replicate the same in their accounts. 

Such traders can build their experience and become more self-reliant, which turns into a virtuous cycle, as they eventually become experts and create their following.

Learn from the Experts

The ATFX TeamUp app’s auto-copy function allows traders to easily copy trades from expert traders whose trading style fits their risk appetite. Traders can choose to spread their risk proportionately among proven traders by allocating a portion of their funds to each expert trader. 

The app allows traders to free up their time by copying proven traders instead of sitting and analysing the markets themselves. Of course, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Still, there are plenty of opportunities to analyse a trader’s track record and fully customise one’s trading experience.

Experienced and proven traders have the opportunity to earn an extra income. The more they grow their following, and the more traders copy their trades directly, the more they will earn from each one. Traders with a proven track record are welcome to take advantage of this feature.

Ask the Community

Another essential feature in the ATFX TeamUp app is the community element. The TeamUp community is a safe place for traders to brainstorm different trading ideas and market scenarios. Experienced traders can bounce ideas off each other, while beginners can chat, learn and critique each other’s reasoning.

You can create discussion groups to get notified whenever someone sends you a message or when another trader takes a trade. Such groups provide a safe place to exchange trading ideas and advice. 

Jeffrey Siu, ATFX Chief Operation Officer, added: “The launch of ‘ATFX TeamUp’ for our LATAM clients shows our commitment to bring the best trading technologies to all our clients.. We will also be providing customer support in Spanish so that our LATAM clients can easily connect with us and have a seamless trading experience. We will unveil more projects in due course as part of our vision to make the financial markets available to clients across the globe.” 

ATFX has dedicated significant resources to develop proprietary technologies for their clients. The ATFX TeamUp launch comes after their new website launch in Q4 2020, which will help the broker better serve its clients. As competition in the retail Forex brokerage industry heats up, market leaders can distinguish themselves via such developments.

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